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Federation - association

Fédération Française de Ski Nautique & Wakeboard



The French Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

The FFSNW works every day to develop, promote, supervise, train and ensure the future of our disciplines to make France shine internationally, to be socially useful, to support the growth of clubs and structures that work every day on the water.

All the latest news from the Federation can be found: here

To support the Federation and support Water Skiing and French Wake, consider the: FFSNW 2021 License

Discover the interview with Sébastien Cans responsible for the French teams within the FFSNW.

Sports affiliated with the Federation:

Water skiing
For beginners, bi-skiing (independent skis) is recommended. They allow you to get out of the water more quickly and with more lift. For the confirmed and in competition, there are three disciplines as well as the combined of the three: Slalom, Vault and Figure.

The Speed Race
Speed target for this mix of Water Skiing and Monoskiing. In competition, the teams compete against each other, each consisting of: a helmeted skier, gloved and wearing a wetsuit and a strapped flotation vest.

Le Wake Cable / Nautical Ski Lift

A water ski lift is an installation allowing the practice of wakeboarding and water skiing on a body of water. Traction is provided by an electric motor driving a cable 600 to 1,200 m long, on which 6 to 10 “hooks” are mounted, making it possible to grip the ropes of skiers.

The Wake Boat

We find for the Wake Boat the Wake Skate and the Wakeboard. In Wakeboard the rider is towed by a boat using a rope fitted with a rudder and uses a board resembling a surf or snowboard. He takes advantage of the wave created by the wake to jump on either side of it and do different figures - somersaults, rotations, grabs - which are inspired by sports such as snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, etc. For Wake Skateboarding, we give up the booties of our board to do sliding figures or to use modules, like the skateboard on the ground.


Wakesurfing - from the English “wake surfing” - is a water sport that is practiced thanks to the wave of the wake produced by a boat, without being attached to it. The practitioner uses the rudder bar only at the beginning to get out of the water and reach the bottom of the wave. The advantage in wakesurfing is that the wave never ends.


A specialized discipline for children. From 3 years old, they can discover water skiing in complete safety, thanks to a specially adapted boat, generally a Newmatic 360 type boat, equipped with a special support and and equipment prepared to keep the child constantly out of the water. . Equipped with a safety vest and a suitable pair of skis, the child takes no risk. The skis are secured to the boat with a rope and the instructor is always in control.


Barefoot (“barefoot” in English) is a discipline associated with water skiing, which is practiced quite simply without skis. Since the contact surface with the water is radically smaller, the boat and therefore the skier must go much faster (between 65 and 75 km / h).

Para Ski & Para Wake

Para Water Skiing and Para Wakeboarding have the same disciplines as classic skiing: jump, slalom, figures and combined and wakeboard (cable and boat). The practice is adapted to each according to his handicap and the best are measured in the various Para Championships. The skis and boards are adapted in length and / or in width and the seats are made according to the morphology of the practitioner. We use the kneeboard (oval board) on which the skier is held by a harness.

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