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Fédération Française de Spéléologie



The French Federation of Speleology was founded on June 1, 1963 in Millau and is recognized as being of public utility. but also as an association for the protection of nature, it holds the approval of the Ministry of the Environment.

The objective of the FFS is to promote, organize and supervise the practice of caving, canyoning and cave diving.

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The sports of the French Federation of Speleology:


Caving is a multi-faceted activity, which involves finding, exploring, studying and visiting natural or man-made underground cavities. It can be practiced on land or in an aquatic environment, we then speak of cave diving also called caving-diving. Caving includes both sports, leisure and tourism activities, but also more scientific activities.


Canyoning is also called canyoning, canyoning is an outdoor sport in the same family as caving as well as a whitewater sport. This activity consists of progressing in a stream, in the direction of the flow of the water, mainly on foot but also by swimming and using a rope as for abseiling. Canyoning is therefore a discipline that can be practiced in a sporting or leisure way.

Fun canyoning is a series of jumps and toboggans, accessible to the greatest number, unlike more regular practitioners who are looking for more difficulties, more hidden places. Finally, adventure canyoning in which we will seek more exploration with less technicality.

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