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Federation - association

Fédération Française de Voile



The French Sailing Federation

The FFVoile was created in 1946 and bore the name of "French Federation of sailing yachting", it was in 1975 that it changed its name. It is a 1901 law association recognized as being of public utility and approved by the Ministry of Sports.

The President of the current French Sailing Federation is Nicolas HÉNARD.

The Federation aims to supervise, promote and control the practice of light sailing, habitable sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

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Discover the sports affiliated to the Federation:

- Light Sailing is practiced aboard catamarans, dinghies, the caravel, the Optimist, the 5o5, the Hobie Cat 16, the Open Bic, the RS, other Flying Phantom and Foil Moth .... This practice is known since the time when men needed to move on water for the first time. The boat is not equipped with a keel and the crew must therefore move around to keep their balance. Navigation in Light Sailing is most often done alone or in pairs, on the seaside or in a lake.

- Habitable Sailing , unlike Light Sailing, is practiced on a heavier boat, equipped with a keel preventing it from turning over as well as a sheltered cabin (hence its name "habitable").

- Windsurfing is a sliding sport, imported to France in 1974. Also called windsurfing, it is practiced on a board equipped with a rigging attached and articulated by a mast. The "windsurfer" stands on his board and goes on the water by tilting his rigging back and forth as well as managing his support on the board. Windsurfing includes several types of practice, including the best known: Funboard with PWA racing, Formula, slalom, long distance, speed, Bump & Jump, freestyle and wave.

- Kitesurfing , also called kite or kiteboarding, is just like windsurfing a board sport. This sport, which we have seen developing since 2000 in France, consists in being towed by a wing (kite) on a board attached to the feet. The kitesurfer is equipped with a harness attached to the kite by lines and is piloted using a bar, connected to the lines. The rules of navigation are the same as sailing. The disciplines of kitesurfing are: freestyle, wave, freeride, wakestyle, speed, long distance, kitefoil ...

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