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Ligue de Voile Occitanie



Our adventure at the Ligue de Voile Occitanie

The Ligue de Voile Occitanie is a 1901 law association, just like the sailing clubs or the French Sailing Federation. This is located in Pérols, Hérault, on the banks of the Etang de l'Or.It is a decentralized body of the FFV, made up of elected representatives from the clubs.This decides and leads a regional policy and takes care of the management of decentralization works and FFV projects.

In a few figures, this brings together more than 17,000 licensees through more than 80 structures, and presents itself as the 3rd national league behind the PACA region and the Brittany region.

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Sports supported by the Ligue de Voile Occitanie:

Habitable Sailing

Habitable Sailing can be practiced with several types of boats: monohulls and multihulls. The boats are equipped with a sheltered cabin, as well as a keel preventing it from overturning.

Light Sailing

The Light Sailing is a lighter support, only at the weight of its crew. There are several types of light sails: dinghies (monohull) and catamarans (double hull).


Kitesurfing, also called kiteboarding or kiteboarding, is a board sport. It consists of gliding on the water using a board attached to the feet and a wing (kite). The Kitesurfer performs figures towed by the force of the wind by a bar and a harness.

In 1996, there were only 30 kitesurfers in France, then the first International Championships took place in 2000!

The different disciplines of kitesurfing are: Freestyle, Waves, Freeride, Wakestyle, Speed, Long Distance, Kitefoil ...


Also called Windsurfing is like kitesurfing, a board sport. It consists of a floating board and a sail, attached to the board by a mast.

It was at the beginning of the 1960s that the first windsurfing "prototype" was seen in England. With the invention of the harness, in the years 1977 allows a better practice and we therefore see the birth of the funboard which allows navigation in waves and stronger winds.

There are several types of windsurfing practice: PWA Racing, Formula, Slalom, Long Distance, Speed, Bump & Jump, Freestyle and Wave.

The license can only be taken from a club affiliated to the Federation.

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