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"A disability cannot and should not prevent us from achieving our dreams ..."

(Olivier Forgerit)

The SitwakeCrew is a group created by Olivier Forgerit and Jari Nieminen to publicize and promote the sport of Sitwake among people who have become physically disabled as a result of an accident or illness.

Through this group, Olivier and Jari want to share their experience, their passion and their rage to live with people living or having gone through the same ordeals. Olivier and Jari want other people with disabilities to have the same opportunity to taste the freedom, joy, satisfaction and the feeling of belonging that such a sporting activity has offered them.

In an associative framework, their objective is to raise sufficient funds so that the SitwakeCrew can organize courses of discovery, initiation and improvement in the practice of Sitwake and so that it can also launch the purchase of sports equipment. adapted, which will be made available free of charge to disabled riders.

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