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WOO Wake is a new sensor system that will allow you to change your way of riding, thanks to an application that allows you to assess your level and also be able to challenge other connected wakeboarders in the world.
WOO Wake gives the rider a score for each session. Riders can vary their score by entering new tricks or spending more time in the air. They can also lose points due to poor reception of their tricks.
This little game is possible thanks to a Sensor containing a patented technology which is mounted directly on your Board, we will call it "LE WOO".
Once mounted, simply press the ON button, and this little gem of technology records your session!
When you return to dry land, sync your WOO via Bluetooth with the WOO WAKE app on your IOS or ANDROID mobile phone and download your session so you can view all saved settings.
Imagine using it on your home spot, with your friends, it allows you to challenge each other, acquire badges and virtual rewards, unlock levels, compete locally or internationally, to ultimately be the "King of the spot" Finally a Web Game where we play live, which will not fail to remind us of "WI-SPORT"
"WOO Tricktionary" (Dico des tricks)
Get a high score with a specific variation of tricks, and try to complete the tricks of the “WOO tricktionary”.
WOO will detect if you are goofy or regular depending on the position of the sensor, it will also detect if your cuts are frontside or backside, and if your rotations are backside or frontside!
Measure your progress
Every jump in every session is recorded to help you track your progress over time. Discover your progress by doing new tricks, and increase your final scores!
Challenge your friends or other connected riders on the planet
Challenge your friends all over the world everyday to score the most points. Follow them and especially follow their progress and their ranking compared to yours!
Check the rankings to see where you stand: King of your home spot? National leader on a new tricks? Or the best rider in your group of friends? Where the one who brings the most points to help his spot reach the top of the ranking, in the case where you ride more than one on the same spot… The challenge is global, national, regional and individual, and you start a new competition. days . WOO WAKE I new connected Wakeboard game.

WOO WAKE allows you to measure your performance and your evolution in Wake, it is very fun and allows you to challenge your friends every day and all over the planet without moving from your home spot.
WOO WAKE is to date the best electronic sensor for the practice of Wake.
With WOO WAKE become the "KING OF THE SPOT" and share your results on social networks.
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Technical characteristics

PRODUCT feature -

WOO wireless sync to your IOS or Android mobile phone

Designed to take bumps and shocks and keep working

Water Resistant, completely sealed sensor
The connectors maintain a connection even if they have been submerged for hours.

Long battery life (8 hours / 1200+ jumps)

Records movements in all possible directions

Recognizes and notes all the figures performed and enters the new figures in the "WOO Trictionnary"

Height of jumps, time in the air, landing, force G, quality of landing ...