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Crab - shortboard perf

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The classic of performance surfing, the preservation of the environment and more! YUYO offers an ecological and responsible alternative to traditional surfboards. 3D printed with plastic waste and laminated with a biocomposite alloy, our boards are as resistant and flexible as conventional boards, but contribute to the preservation of the marine environment. Our shortboards are equipped with FCS II fin boxes, the practical and professional fin system that can be used without a key and without tools. Optimized for very high performance, FCS boxes are also suitable for budding surfers. Our boards are carefully packaged with Flexi Hex and manufactured within 15 working days. The board is handed over at the workshop.
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Technical characteristics

Its sharp rails and fine lines guarantee radical maneuvers and acceleration between each turn. Thanks to a V-convex under the nose and a double concave under the tail, you will easily go from one rail to another without ever losing speed.


. Soul 3D printed with plastic waste. Biocomposite stratification: natural basalt fiber and bio-based resin