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Alsa surf 67

Health rules and regulations
Alsa-surf is closed. Resumption of the season in May 2021 in compliance with health rules. All our activities are subject to compliance with the application of COVID-19 guidelines.


Alsa-surf 67 offers a new "EXCLUSIVE AND UNIQUE" leisure activity in the Alsace region.
Come and discover a new type of sliding for the whole family: Electric surfboards are propelled by electric turbines, silent and non-polluting. They allow safe use (lying, sitting or standing) for children, adolescents and adults.

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The surf base is set up at the entrance to the "seagulls sailing base" in Lauterbourg.
Directly by the lake, come and enjoy your leisure activities in a unique setting.
Sandy beach, palm trees, relaxation area with deckchairs and sofas, to share
with family, friends, as if you were on vacation.

Come and enjoy our relaxation area by sitting on our terrace in the full sun!

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Here is our electric surf! Sitting, kneeling, standing or lying down and
propelled at 35km / h, the surfer has the sensation of flying over water.
More affordable and stable than wakeboarding or water skiing,
electric surfing is like a large paddle board that is easier to find
its balance.
It is controlled by a bracelet that allows you to manage the speed.

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From 01/05/2021 To 30/11/2021

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