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La Salbaje Surf Eskola

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Teaching surfing since 2004

Salbaje Surf School is the first surf school in Barinatxe beach (La Salvaje), and has been teaching surfing there, with support from Billabong, since 2004.

The school is located in the municipality of Sopela, a town well known in the surfing world that has 2 magnificent beaches for practising this sport.
Classes are offered at beginner and intermediate levels and can be customized and private classes.
We have teachers of surfing with more than 20 years experience and the corresponding qualifications (surf teacher levels 1 and 2)

For 5 years we have been organizing and cooperating in surf and multi-adventure camps with Moana Surf Hostel, one of the best places to stay and enjoy these activities We are developing new teaching techniques, both for sport and environmental questions. Our aim is that people get to know the sea, its currents, its dangers and, of course, at the same time respecting it, without forgetting that there is an element of risk in surfing.
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