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Seven-twenty Cablepark

Health rules and regulations
In order to best prevent the spread of the virus, we also had to take measures, such as 1.5 meter compartments, and posters with the well-known warnings and instructions were hung in various places, please observe them. We maintain the following: - Book online or pay by debit card on the water ski slope with adjusted opening hours.


You may have heard that we can turn slowly again!

Finally we can relax a little after this hectic period.

Please note that this is not over yet, so we will be applying very strict measures. It is therefore very important that everyone respects these measures.
You will notice in the near future that in these times we will not be flexible as you are used to, but we are obligated to take these steps so that we can keep the doors open somewhat. The municipality will strictly monitor whether the imposed procedures are followed.


And this is only possible with your cooperation!


If you are at the park, you can contact us for more information and you can also book online on site.

If you are coming from outside the park, prepare your ticket reserved online at the entrance to the Landalpark in order to have access to the water ski track.

(Note!) If you have not booked and are coming from outside, you cannot enter the park to go to the water ski trail.

The Landal De Schatberg park and the ninety-two nautical ski lift apply the following rules for previous visitors:

* Only those who have reserved for access to water skiing have access to the time indicated on their online voucher.

* After presenting your voucher online at the main entrance, you proceed directly to the water ski area.

* It is strictly forbidden to go elsewhere on the De Schatberg field during or before and after the activity on the water ski slope.

Seven-twenty Cablepark use Wakeboard & Waterski cable
Activities type



2 Kickers

-1 Box

1 Rail


1 Goofy


  • Disabled access
  • Parking
  • WIFI
  • Showers
  • Locker
  • Equipment rental
  • Coaching
  • School
  • Association
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Multilingual
  • Swimming area

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From 20/07/2020 To 20/07/2020


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