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All the SPOTS around Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

X2.0 Wake Park Gyekenyes24.58 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

Pet fi utca 94, 8851 Gyekenyes Somogy, Hungary

Waterski Vonyarcvashegy41.61 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

Kossuth L utca 42, 8314 Vonyarcvashegy Zala, Hungary

Fured Wakeboard Centrum87.26 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

In Füred Camping you will find a water ski slope, a sandy football and volleyball court, mini golf, a diving training base, kayaking, windsurfing and catamaran

szechenyi Istvan u24, 8230 Balatonfured, Hungary

Bamboo Island cable park 99.58 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable+1

Located on beautiful Lake Balaton, Bamboo Island Wake Park offers wakeboarding, wake skating

Csuszda utca 1, 8601 Siofok Somogy, Hungary