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All the SPOTS around P��erov, Czech Republic

Wake Park Naklo32.75 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

Piskovna, Olomouc, 783 32 Naklo, Czech Republic

Ski Hlucin71.33 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

Hornicka 1439-40, Opava, 74801 Hlucin, Czech Republic

Skiwakepark82.75 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable

Dolni Terlicko, 735 42 Terlicko, Czech Republic

Wake Park Merkur89.22 km(s)

Wakeboard & Waterski cable+1

Merkur Wake Park is a nautical base located in Pasohlávky. You can practice or learn WaterSki, Monoskiing, and even more!

Autokemp ATC Merkur, Pasohl, 69122 Pasohlávky, Czech Republic