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Aventure Nautique Efoil

Consignes et règles sanitaires
In compliance with the health regulations in force in the region


Welcome to Aventure Nautique Fillé

First Efoil school in the west !!! A tourist stay in Sarthe near Le Mans (72000). Here all the information on our rentals.

For who ?

For all ...... from 16 years old and accompanied by an adult (This one can simply be in the accompanying boat). Man, woman, athlete or not, rider or not.

Can I have fun, even without being athletic?
Yes, absolutely. Since even in lying "bodyboard" mode, you can pick up speed, 25 km / h. With a few instructions you can even make your first take-offs ...

Will I fly from the first session?
It basically depends on two factors. Your weight and your riding experience.
In all cases, the pleasure is guaranteed.

The first session?
The goal is to familiarize yourself with the remote control, to take your balance on the board, lying down, kneeling or standing. Then learning the first turns.

And after ?
This can also happen from the first session. We will approach "the dolphin". This is the mandatory phase to control the theft thereafter.

How is my session going?
#The session is accompanied and lasts 1h15
#It includes dressing time, briefing and navigation
#You are accompanied by a boat coach with permanent radio link
#Safety equipment is provided. Buoyancy aid, helmet
#Weather suit
# Bring swimsuit, neoprene or cotton socks, thermal clothing


  • Accès Handicapés
  • Parking
  • WIFI
  • Douches
  • Vestiaire
  • Location equipements
  • Coaching
  • Ecole
  • Association
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Multilingue
  • Zone de baignade


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