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Boulogne Canoe kayak (BCK)

Consignes et règles sanitaires
Boulogne Canoë Kayak is open in compliance with health regulations


The BCK club

Boulogne Canoë Kayak is an Olympic running club.

The Boulogne-sur-Mer Canoe Kayak club goes from paddle school to competition. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can join this club.

Apart from its club activity, it is also a place of water sports activity for all, especially in summer by offering a wide variety of activities: coasting, sea kayaking, paddle, giant paddle, ....

The club is open all year round formembers. The general public is welcome outside the period, subject to calling before.

Tourist activities

Tourist activities are intended for everyone, regardless of your level or your age. With family or friends, enjoy a moment of fun or learning at Boulogne canoë kayak.

In river


Descents of the Liane

A canoe trip on the Opal Coast river, take the time to admire the beautiful landscapes between Questrecques and Boulogne.

2 guided descents formulas

- From Hesdigneul to Isques for half a day

- Routes are available on request.


- Initiation with an instructor on the pools


Canoe Kayak rental for an independent outing

At sea

Kayak and Paddle initiations

- Initiation with an instructor at sea, in Kayak or Paddle 2 hours: 20 € / person *

- Giant Paddle (up to 8 people)


Canoe, kayak or paddle rental for an independent outing

The loin

Unusual experience of aquatic walking

- baptisms of loin coast every Saturday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

wetsuit provided and cloakroom available

In summer

1 week canoe-kayak discovery course

- discovery of canoeing, paddle and dragon boat; at sea and in river

- games and walks

1/2 day Children and Grandparents on the water

- water and fun activities

Baptisms Longe-Côte

- Boulogne-sur-Mer beach

- Every Sunday morning, or reservation

Canoe and Paddle trips

- supervised or independent outings (rental)

- in river or on the sea

- permanent orientation course on the Liane basin

Boulogne Canoe kayak (BCK) use Canoe kayak
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Type de prestations



GiletPagaieBidons étanches

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Boulogne Canoe kayak (BCK) use Paddle
Type d'activités


Type de prestations




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Conditions physiques requises

savoir nager

Niveau de natation requis


Boulogne Canoe kayak (BCK) use Autres activités
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Longe Côte


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Pro riders

Maxime Beaumont

8 médailles d'or, 7 d' argent et 11 de bronze aux Championnats de France

Nicolas Mestre

4 fois Champion de France dans diverses catégories


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Du 01/04/2021 Au 31/01/2022

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