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Cheonan Cable Park



The park is positioned out of town on a lake surrounded by mountains covered with tress so the setting is quite nice and it makes for a very relaxing place to spend a few hours or a day wakeboarding. The wakeboarding centre has a little shop that sells limited refreshments and drinks so I recommend that if you go to spend the day there you bring your own picnic food and water (when we were there they had soft drinks but no water and we were able to buy only pot-noodles for lunch). There are no other shops within walking distance (unless you want to walk 20 minutes one way) though if you go by car there are restaurants and convenience stores within a very short drive.

There are chairs, tables and shades along the banks to relax and watch other riders. Despite being there on a sunday there were not so many people wake boarding there so it was very relaxed and we found no queues. Not sure if it gets busier in mid summer.

On top of selling access to the cable park they rent equipment and provide lessons (Korean only). If you have never used a wakeboarding cable or wakeboard before you will need lessons. All good if you speak Korean however if you don’t you may want to go with a Korean friend who can help with the translation or someone who can teach you in English. When you start wakeboarding you normally learn on a knee board first.
The equipment that they rent is basic and the board I rented was quite old and battered so if you have your own equipment it is better to bring that.

Cheonan Cable Park use Wakeboard & Ski cable
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  • Accès Handicapés
  • Parking
  • WIFI
  • Douches
  • Vestiaire
  • Location equipements
  • Coaching
  • Ecole
  • Association
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Multilingue
  • Zone de baignade

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