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Concept Sport Emotion

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Welcome to CONCEPT SPORT EMOTION your N ° 1 base for sea kayaking in Trouville-sur mer

“Look no further, we have the activity for you !! "

Hiking to discover the coastline and wildlife with the family. You will spend a privileged moment all together far from screens, noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will be carried by the waves, and will enjoy a beautiful moment of sharing with your loved ones.

Lessons / Workshops : Trouville-sur-Mer beach is a wonderful playground that evolves every day with the tides, swells and wind. We will teach you how to play with the elements. Kayaking is a complete sport allowing you to grasp the elements in a fun way, to bring out your ability to adapt to the environment and to develop strength and resistance in each of you.

Kayak surfing or waveskiing : Waves in Trouville? YES ! The configuration of the site and the full west orientation make Trouville beach one of the best surf spots on the northern coasts of France. The school provides you with kayaks allowing you to surf the waves with the guarantee of successfully surfing from the first session.

We offer year-round courses, courses during school holidays, kayak rental, hikes (sea / river) accompanied by a state-certified instructor, and supervised and animated activities for your tribe. Also, we use our know-how and our professionalism to welcome your employees and lead specific activities for your team building.

Ideally located on the beach of Trouville, seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie, easily accessible by motorway, plane (St Gatien airport) and by train (Deauville - Trouville station. Concept Sport Émotion is only 2 hours from the gates of Paris.

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