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Corse Nature Evasion

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Live the Corse Nature Evasion experience

Located on the beach of Santa Giulia, pearl of the Mediterranean, bay bordered by a long sandy beach whose whiteness gently sloping into the turquoise shades of the sea.

Corse Nature Evasion invites you to discover its nautical and sports activities; we will make you discover the South of Corsica in an original way.

The history of Corse Nature Evasion is an attachment to the fauna, flora and wonderful landscapes of Southern Corsica. The unique and superb environment has been at the heart of our base since 1994

Porto-Vecchio has many jets bases. However, Corse Nature Evasion is exceptional and the only one to combine 3 original nautical activities; jet-ski tours, flyboarding and oxoons and since this year the N-BlueWay electric scooters, a must.

Corse Nature Evasion use Jet ski - flyboard
Type d'activités

Jet skiFlyboard

Type de prestations



GiletCombinaison néoprène

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Du 01/05/2020 Au 31/10/2020

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