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Entre Terre et eau - activités canyoning à Prades

Consignes et règles sanitaires
Wetsuits and equipment are treated with specific products between each use for your safety.


Entre terre et eau invites you to discover canyoning in complete safety thanks to supervision by professional guides including Jérôme Lacou, qualified instructor and founder of "Entre terre et eau".

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find the canyon suited to your adventurous desires.

This sport will be perfect for everyone, because each canyon offers more or less strong sensations. Different formulas: full day or half day

For millions of years, water has made its way to sculpt the mountains of the Pyrénées-Orientales in order to offer us its most impressive forms. As aesthetic as it is fun, the canyon offers us a range of water games, abseiling on ropes, jumps, slides, and swimming ... which gives practitioners immediate pleasure.

From introductory courses to technical mountain canyons, the Pyrénées-Orientales allow everyone to flourish and enjoy a session adapted to their desires. Sharing our passion with you by helping you discover the practice of canyoning, abseiling or challenging you in canyons for the more experienced in complete safety is our daily leitmotif!

Warning :

  • it is essential to know how to swim!
  • it is essential for your safety to practice canyoning accompanied by professional guides
  • It is strongly recommended to think about neoprene socks for your comfort and your swimsuit

Entre Terre et eau - activités canyoning à Prades use Canyoning
Type d'activités

CanyoningRandonnée aquatique

Le Llech
Description du parcours : Aventure aquatique soutenue durant 3 heures!!!!
Age minimum : 15
Niveau : Difficile
Denivelé : Moyen
Type de prestations



Combinaison néoprèneCasqueBaudrier

Niveau de natation requis


Lieu de rendez-vous

sur les sites de pratiques. Ne vous inquiètez pas , on vous fait parvenir un plan précis pour nous retrouver.


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Du 01/07/2020 Au 01/10/2020

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