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Ermal Cable Park

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Ermal Cable Park is closed. Stay in touch for an upcoming reopening.


Located in Albufeira do Ermal (Sta. Marta - Rossas) and about 6 km from the seat of the municipality, the teleski is a structure of metallic predominance, formed by a cable based on four masts and equipped with an electric motor, which allows the traction of a varied set of skiers, through the perimeter established by the four masts.

The skier has at his disposal a diverse range of skis, being able to ski in: mono-ski; biped-ski; or ski with a board, as well as all the safety equipment necessary for the practice of this sport, and there is also a boat to transport people who eventually fall during the course.

It is the speed factor that constitutes the attractive aspect of this fun, which provides a sensation very close to the water ski powered by an autonomous boat.

Unique in the country, it is characterized mainly by its innovative and ecological character.

It arose from the need to enrich the tourist offer with exemplary entertainment equipment. Next to the teleski trail there is a bathing area very popular in summer, as well as a snack bar, a restaurant and a basic support structure for bathers and tourists.

Ermal Cable Park use Wakeboard & Ski cable
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  • Vestiaire
  • Location equipements
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  • Ecole
  • Association
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Multilingue
  • Zone de baignade



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Du 16/07/2020 Au 31/12/2020


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