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Freizeitzentrum Xanten

Consignes et règles sanitaires
Our leisure facilities are open to individual visits in accordance with current regulations on corona protection. Under the opening hours you will find all the information about the opening hours. We ask you to understand that there may be isolated restrictions due to official regulations for protection against viral infections (CoronaSchVO). Please always respect contact rules and distances ...


Welcome to Xanten vacation!

In the natural swimming pool without barriers Xantener Südsee you will find many possibilities to get away from everyday life. Whether it is for swimming and cooling off, sunbathing, playing sports, playing or just enjoying.

Other playful sports offers such as beach volleyball or football offer a sporty and active variety.
On the other hand, if you just want to relax, you can find ready-made beach chairs (for a fee; rental fee: € 5 per bed / day) under straw umbrellas or look for your new favorite spot on the large lawn with shade trees.
A varied Wibit sports park guarantees action and water fun in the natural swimming pool Xantener Südsee!
Wibit Sports' floating water play areas consist of individual play modules that can be connected to each other in the same way as “Lego”. This creates combinations of all shapes and sizes and for every type of body of water - whether sea, lake or swimming pool.
The products have been known since childhood: trampolines, climbing towers, slides and even a wobbly bridge can be found in the sports parks of Wibit. Running, climbing, sliding and jumping on the water is not only a special challenge, it is also a lot of fun - for young people and young water sports enthusiasts. - Because in the new Wibit Sports Park Xantener Südsee everyone becomes a child again!
The new Wibit Sports-Park Xantener Südsee is divided into different areas with different levels of difficulty, so that each visitor can find their own level. Access to the park is now particularly easy, as there is now a step for each entry underwater. Overall, the water play area measures 44m x 25m and offers space for more than 60 people at the same time. Whether with friends, family or with other groups, the Wibit Sports-Park Xantener Südsee is an unforgettable adventure for everyone.
Safety comes first. All products meet high German safety requirements and are regularly checked by independent test laboratories such as TÜV.

When do you immerse yourself in the pleasure of the water?

A variety of quickly accessible restaurants offer refreshing drinks and tasty snacks.

The Xantener Südsee natural swimming pool is completely barrier-free and certified according to the national “Travel for All” standard.

The various accessibility facilities also include specially equipped toilets for everyone!

Freizeitzentrum Xanten use Aquapark
Type d'aquapark
Environnement : Lac
Type de publics : Enfants | Adultes
Age minimum : 7 ans
Niveau de natation requis : Débutant
Conditions physiques requises : bonne
Marque : WIBIT
Modèle : M
Capacité : 30
Quantité : 1
Via ferrata flottante : 1
Rocher : 1
Tour d'activité : 1
Poudre d'équilbre : 1
Trampoline : 1
Dôme : 1
Catapulte : 1
Pont : 1
Mur de grimpe : 1
Courbe à virage relevé : 1
Rampe half pipe : 1
Mur d'escalade : 1

GiletCombinaison néoprène

Freizeitzentrum Xanten use Wakeboard & Ski cable
Type d'activités



2 Kickers

2 Box

2 Rail


1 Goofy

Freizeitzentrum Xanten use Voile
Freizeitzentrum Xanten use Location de bateau
Freizeitzentrum Xanten use Autres activités
Autres sports



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  • Parking
  • WIFI
  • Douches
  • Vestiaire
  • Location equipements
  • Coaching
  • Ecole
  • Association
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  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Multilingue
  • Zone de baignade


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Du 13/08/2020 Au 31/12/2020

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Plus de suggestions de spots pour vous...

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