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Matt Montoro Coaching

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Matt Montoro Coaching

For many, Matt Montoro is one of the best French riders. It is even a certainty. But recently, he has succeeded in pushing the limits of his fame a little further by being invited to one of the biggest wake contests in the world, the much sought after "Valdosta Wake Compound".

For more than 15 years now Matt has supervised the practice of wakeboarding, from Saverdun to Lacanau he knows most of the wake spots in France and internationally since he has spent a lot of time in the Philippines, in Thailand, and a bit. all over the globe where the competitions have been conducted during his years as a pro rider.

Now Matt offers you individualized and personalized coaching according to the disciplines that are close to his heart such as wakeboarding of course but not that he will also accompany you in surfing to allow you to progress or to discover this discipline which makes everyone dream.

Matt offers days and internships for all ages, for reserved and contacted everything is on his page ....

So no more hesitation, you are fans of wakeboarding or surfing and you want to progress, contact Matt as soon as possible!


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Du 01/05/2021 Au 31/10/2021

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