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Tous les SPOTS autour de S��upsk, Poland

WakePark Gdansk84.9 km(s)


WakePark Gdańsk in Poland is the place for everyone with a passion for wakeboarding. Our skilled staff is happy to help you train....

Jeziorna Street Kielno, 80-297 Pomorskie, Poland

Szczecinek Cable Park87.16 km(s)


Le téléski-nautique de Szczecinek est situé en Plein centre ville , les wakeboardeur et skieur nautiques s'y retrouvent tous les jours de Mai à Septembre

ul Mickiewicza 2 Szczecinek, 78-400 Pomorski, Poland

WakeProjekt Slawutowko88.72 km(s)


It is a professional, fully equipped wakepark with qualified staff. The town we are in is Sławutówko, 8 km from the sea.

Slawutowko, 84-100 Pomorskie, Poland