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Tous les SPOTS autour de Starogard Gdański, Poland

WakePark Gdansk55.9 km(s)

Wake & Ski Cable

WakePark Gdańsk in Poland is the place for everyone with a passion for wakeboarding. Our skilled staff is happy to help you train....

Jeziorna Street Kielno, 80-297 Pomorskie, Poland

WakeProjekt Slawutowko78.09 km(s)

Wake & Ski Cable

It is a professional, fully equipped wakepark with qualified staff. The town we are in is Sławutówko, 8 km from the sea.

Slawutowko, 84-100 Pomorskie, Poland

Wakepark Bydgoszcz94.99 km(s)

Wake & Ski Cable

Un lieu unique situé à 2 km du centre de Bydgoszcz. Nous sommes dans le parc forestier culturel et récréatif "MYŚLĘCINEK", le plus grand parc urbain de Pologne

Gda ska 173-175, 85-001 Bydgoszcz Pomorskie, Poland

Ostroda Wake Park99.19 km(s)

Wake & Ski Cable

Wakepark in Ostróda is one of the best located centers of this type in Poland.

Mickiewicza Ostroda, 14-100 Warminsko Mazurskie, Poland