According to Jean Batiste Lemoyne, the Secretary of State for Tourism, the end of the 100Km is study for next week

All French people are impatiently awaiting this total deconfinement, and the lifting of the 100 Km limitation  around their home would sound like an early release after more than 2 months confined. This announcement made today on 2020  May 25, is like a breath of fresh air that stroke the face of all French people in the "Green Zones".

This anouncement, eagerly awaited by all stakeholders in the economic sectors of Tourism, will herald the start of recovery and a hope of recovery palpable by the whole community.

The government has been working on this measure for a while, but it wanted to make sure that phase 1 of the deconfinement went well before making the official announcement, in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and to trigger a second wave. .

The work and the respect of the rules by all makes it possible to loosen the vice faster, like what we are united in order to be free more quickly.

Very good news for tourism as the summer holidays are fast approaching, the French will be able to anticipate and resume their bookings at all levels specially on nautical sports and leisure activities will not be outdone.

Spotyride also anticipates this phase of deconfinement to allow the entire Spotyriders community to be able, thanks to the IOS and Android Apps to stay informed in real time of the situation about the watersport structures and nautical leisure bases in France.

Discover today all your favorite nautical activities and take advantage of initiation, coaching, ... in sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, canoeing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle ... And why not discover our magnificent backgrounds sailor thanks to beautiful dives in the Mediterranean or in Brittany !!

Travel abroad is not the first news, the government advocates French vacations on the most beautiful aquatic and nautical sites in France which has more than 10,000 ...

As a reminder of Edouard Philippe our Prime Minister, the French can nevertheless travel to Metropolis or  french Overseas

And if we were going to take a little tour on  french Overseas?