Since May 18th, it's possible for companies with fewer than 50 employees and the self-employed to apply for a "Covid Prevention" grant.

The Health Insurance helps the small business, micro business and self-employed.

The Health Insurance has set up a grant named "Covid Prevention" to help all companies with less than 50 employees as well as the self-employed for whom the current period of health crisis is complicated. As we know at Spotyride, water sports companies are often in that category, so that's why we're talking about this assistance. 

The main goal of this grant is to provide financial support for the implementation of barrier measures and gestures of various structures. The implementation of these health prevention actions is really complicated for water sport structures, especially for suits, size of groups for activities, equipment rental... 

The amount of the grant will be different from one actor to another. In fact, it corresponds to 50% of the tax-free investment made for the purchase or rental of equipment since March 14th 2020 and for a period up to July 31st of the same year.

Nevertheless, to be eligible for this grant, you must have invested at least €1000 excluding tax for a company with fewer than 50 employees and €500 for a self-employed. In addition, the maximum amount of this grant is set at €5000.

Finally, the purpose of the grant is to finance 2 types of measures:

  • Barriers and social distancing measures (communication tools, temporary spaces, plexiglas, etc.)
  • Hygiene and cleaning measures (permanent/temporary hand washing facilities, etc.)

For finish, if the company or the independent has invested in one of the barriers measures and social distancing, it will be able to ask to funding of masks, hydro-alcoholics gels and visors that are necessary for the practice of leisures and water sports.

That is, wipes and gloves will not be subsidized. 

If you want more details about this grant or apply for it, Spotymag will refer you to for companies.