Once again Wibit makes history with the world's biggest water park


The German company Wibit Sports, the world's leading floating water park brand, continues its success story! After the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS©-title in 2019 for the worlds largest inflatable water park forming the word “Indonesia”, an even larger floating park, the "Saudi Arabia"-TAG with a capacity of 700 people has been now installed at Pure Beach in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia.


WibitTAG – Say it on the waterTM!


wibit tag spotyride
With the innovative WibitTAG-system, the colorful play modules forming any letter, number or symbol can be put on the water to form individual messages. Due to the unique modularity of Wibit Sports-products, any location can be given an individual identity. In King Abdullah Economic City, the letters "Saudi Arabia" represents not only a floating playground but also an eye-catching communication-platform.


Brilliant installation performance


Within just four days, the 17-ton water park, which consists of more than 200 inflatable modules, was transported from the company's headquarter in Bocholt, Germany, to Saudi Arabia. The five- person Wibit-installation-team installed and set up the park in record time. The operator Blue Limits, a local Saudi company, hosted it ́s opening in august.

This project marks another milestone for the Bocholt-based company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and installed SportsParks in 100 countries around the globe. On a size of 195 meters x 32 meters, locals and tourists, children and adults alike can experience water fun in a new exciting way.

People say a picture is worth a thousand words – we believe this “word” is worth a thousand pictures!

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