Romain Paul is the leader of this project. After many years working in advertising and web marketing, he decided to devote himself to his passion and to create his company with Thibault Mallet after 8 years as product manager for a renowned printer. Romain Bessuges and Laurent Thomas, are specialized in the development of innovative solutions for e-merchants.

Even today, surfboards are not recycled and pollute the marine environment.

Thanks to the development of bio-composite materials and large format 3D printing, Yuyo surf have developed natural surfboards, made of natural or recycled materials.

The boards are custom printed and contribute to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems. Yuyo Surf use natural or recycled materials and thus produce less waste and minimize the impact of the boards on the environment.

The three values that the company advocates:

Innovation: at the heart of the company's DNA, questioning oneself is our credo, through a permanent research work to optimize materials, technologies, alloys, manufacturing processes...

Respect: for the environment, for others, for work

Passion: doing what you love and finding pleasure in it allows you to do it well but not only. It is also a therapy, a form of meditation, a way to feel good and be healthy.

Discover the different boards : 


Surfboard Yuyo

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"Its taut profile with little rocker and its volume oriented towards the nose make it very fast when rowing, take off and in the wave. It brings together and reconciles the stability of a longboard with the manoeuvrability of a skateboard."


Yuyo surfboard french brand

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"Sharp rails and fine lines guarantee radical manoeuvring and acceleration between every turn. Thanks to a V-shaped convex under the nose and a double concave under the tail, you will move very easily from one rail to the other without ever losing speed."


Surfboard on spotyride

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"The speed and take off are made easier to make surfing as accessible as possible. The alternating convex, flat and concave underside of the board gives it a good grip on the wave. Excellent for small conditions and soft waves on summer days."


Innovative surfboard

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"The Rascasse is a very versatile strapless freestyle kitesurf board: at ease in waves, jumping and classic navigation. Its wide single concave shape all along the hull allows it to hold long edges and to react to quarter turns at the same time. Its reinforced glass specially designed for kiteboarding prevents sinking and guarantees a long life."


New surfboard Yuyo

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"Of Retro fish inspiration with a swallow tail and a rather important volume oriented forward, this model is however cut to attack hollow waves. It deploys a surprising speed and holds the side of the wave thanks to its sharp rails. Thanks to a large concave that ends in a V shape under the rear foot, the water flows under the board and propels it at every manoeuvre, especially when exiting a big barrel!"

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