Whats does FFSNW stand for ? 

The French Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding was born in 1947.
It includes seven disciplines: Classic Water Skiing (Slalom, Jump and Figure), Wakeboard Cable and Wakeskate Bateau, Barefoot (Slalom, Jump and Figure), Speed Race, Para-Ski Nautique and Para-Ski Wakeboard and finally the Babyski.


Today, the FFSNW has more than 10,000 members in 150 clubs in all disciplines.

It has several missions which aim at promoting the practice of the sport, the athletes and the structures:

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  • The organization of the French Championships (July and August 2021). You will be able to follow them online on the social networks of the FFSNW.

  • The accompaniment of the High Level Athletes through a follow-up and in particular training courses organized this summer. The objective is to bring as many athletes as possible to the various International Championships.

  • The project of "Support to the Club" which includes a grant to help the clubs in their actions and their projects.



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2021 : Objectives and Ambitions of the FFSNW

This year 2021 is synonymous with hope for the French Federation of Water Ski and Wakeboard which should inaugurate at the end of the summer its new National Technical Center in Choisy-le-Roi. Currently under construction, this center will include the offices of the Federation and a water ski lift already in place. A great turning point for the development of the FFSNW and associated sports.

Maybe soon a French Championship will be organized? To be continued in the years to come!


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The events of the year 2021

As for the year 2020, most of the major sports events are changed.
However, the world of sport is adapting.


First, we had the right to the digital version of the Boat Show: the Virtual Nautic last March. The FFSNW as well as Spotyride were present!

Another major event of the year is the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo which should take place from July 23rd to August 8th 2021. No water skiing or Wakeboarding yet but for the world of water sports we will find: Sailing, Rowing and a new one Surfing! However, encouraging news for Wakeboard which was in the shortlist for the 2024 Olympics in Paris and which will apply to be present at the 2028 Olympics.

Coming soon, find the French Championships organized by the Federation.



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Two FFSNW key measures

The FFSNW takes care of its practitioners encouraging a responsible and careful practice of the sport. In particular, it has set up the Pass'port Glisse and accompanies the structures on the safety rules.


Pass’Sport Gliss 

The Pass'Sport Gliss is a unique tool created by the FFSNW to allow practitioners to follow their progress. There are Pass'Sport Gliss for each discipline: Classic Ski, Wakeboard & Wakeskate Cable and Boat, Barefoot, Para-Wakeboard. Like the stars for skiing, the levels of progression are identified by "palos" of different colors. The objective of this system is to encourage the practice of the sport in a fun and safe way. 

Safety Rules

Because safety in sport is paramount. The FFSNW has set up safety rules to be followed by the structures as well as by the participants. In particular through posters displayed in the structures and more generally through the "Federal Recommendations" which the State control bodies and the communities can rely on for the controls on sites. 
Soon you will find an article dedicated to the safety rules for the practice of sports.

Where to ride ? 

Whether you prefer Wakeboarding or Waterskiing,
a multitude of affiliated structures can be found on Spotyride.

Find the 6 spots recommended by our team: 


1 - Ski Club de la Péniche / Toulouse (FR)

2- Water Glisse Passion la Nartelle / Sainte-Maxime (FR)

3 - Windsor wakeboard camp / Cabanac-Et-Villagrains (FR)

4 - Aventura Gliss CARCANS-MAUBUISSON / Carcans (FR)

5 - Atlantic WakePark / Aiguillon sur Mer (FR)

6- Barefoot Style  / Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (FR)

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