Do you like thrills? Then you will love this article about the most beautiful canyoning spots in the world. Jumps several meters high, incredible landscapes… Canyons are one of the many natural wonders. Something to experience an extraordinary adventure between water and rocks !

1 – Sierra de Guara, Spain

Located in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Sierra Natural Park and the Guara Gorge, Sierra de Guara is the birthplace of canyoning in the south of the Spanish Pyrenees. In a Mediterranean climate, enjoy the crystal clear water, waterfalls and natural slides. An experience with friends or family with canyons for all levels and ages.

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Canyoning Sierre de Guara

2 -Trümmelbach, Switzerland

One of the most extreme canyons in the world with its neighbour Gamchi. The Trümmelbach Falls come from the Eiger Glacier. With its magnificent snow-covered landscapes, the site is classified as a natural monument. Dive into the darkness of the mountain for an exceptional experience.

trummelbach canyoning

3 – Cirque de Salazie, Reunion Island (France)

The entire site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Dominated by the immense waterfall of the “Bride Veil”, translated into English: the bride’s veil, which flows over the cliff. Adventure through the vegetation to discover surprising, magnificent and breathtaking landscapes.

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Canyoning on Reunion Island

4 – Val d’Ossola, Italy

In the north of Italy, between Monte Rosa and Lake Maggiore lies the Val d’Ossola, a real paradise for canyoning lovers. Enjoy the beauty of a wild and unique nature. The valley offers more than 100 routes with different technical difficulties.

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Canyoning in Italy

5 – Les Gorges du Verdon, France

The Verdon regional park is well known by canyoning lovers! Many courses for all levels in turquoise blue water, with magical atmospheres. An adventure between water, sun and rocks sculpted by erosion for hundreds of years.

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Canyoning in turquoise water

6 – Semuc Champey, Guatemala

In the heart of the subtropical forest, the limestone has formed a bridge over the Cahabón River. Emerald coloured swimming pools, gigantic waterfalls and ultra-rich wildlife! An extraordinary experience to access Chemuc Champey, obstacles and jumps.

If you have the opportunity to go there, excursions are organised to the caves and subterranean areas plunged into the darkness. To enlighten you, they will give you candles. The opportunity to experience it 100% !

Canyoning in Guatemala

7 – Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is a must if you visit Vietnam! Known as the city of “eternal spring”, it is also famous for its popular canyoning spots. Landscapes like you’ve never seen before! Cliffs and jumps in the heart of the green vegetation.

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Canyoning in Vietnam